Being a Spotter

What is a Spotter?

  • Lives in the city they write about
  • Speaks the local language
  • Loves their city and is an active explorer

What do we expect from Spotters?
In one sentence: write about your favorite spots in your city, your articles always up-to-date, and write about new spots regularly.

A spot is a place with a specific location within or  close to the city borders (you’ll see a boundary in the map in “My spots” when you create a new article).

A spot can be physical location you can imagine (from a brick on the street to a bench in the park), as long as it’s one of your favorites! And as long as it’s not a touristy spot, part of an international chain or a tour.

Your “obligations” :

  • Write 20 articles in the first 6 weeks after the contract date (how to write an article)
  • Keep all your articles up to date / up to season and take offline articles about finished events & closed spots. Use the “take offline automatically” and “remind me to update” functionality!
  • Write about new spots regularly
  • Make sure you have at least 20 articles online at any moment
  • Reply to comments sent to you by email (by editor or Sanne) about your articles
  • Do not accept favors (this includes money, drinks, food, invitations) in return for reviewing a spot

We also value highly:

  • Have fun being a Spotter! Tell us how can make it more fun for you!
  • Open and honest communication – Tell us what we can improve!
  • Timely communication – Tell us about delays in advance, and answer all e-mails
  • Help us in marketing, by sharing your posts and help 10 minutes each month

When writing your articles, we ask you to keep the following in mind:

1) Write from a personal perspective
Write about your own experiences with a spot, and why you like it (as opposed to: why would a tourist like it).
A tip: use “I like” or “I prefer” etc.

2) Write about spots you visit and  experience yourself frequently
Write about spots you visit regularly and experience yourself, to make sure you can keep them up-to-date.

3) Write about local spots
Most of our visitors will carry a guidebook for the typical highlights. They visit Spotted by Locals for the local and “hidden” spots. Please do not write about tours, “obvious” spots you can find in any guidebook

4) Write about unique spots, not chains
Don’t write about (inter)national chains / spots with outlets in more than one city.