Spotters Newsletter November / December 2018


In this newsletter, we’re sharing some of the beautiful #spottersweekend2018 vibes. And we’re asking your help to make it possible to continue our mission to make the world a more tolerant and diverse place.

What a magical #weekendbylocals!

It’s difficult to put into words what we experienced on the 4th Spotters Weekend in The Netherlands last weekend. But we tried, with the help of some of the attending Spotters! Read more

Here’s a short video with highlights:

We need your help to continue this project!

We’re getting so much love for your amazing work helping local entrepreneurs, fighting #starbucksification and making the world a more tolerant place. Spotted by Locals is the city guide network with the most authentic and highest quality always up to date content. We have many really dedicated fans.

Just like you all, we’re in this for the love and not the money. However we do need money to continue our mission. We’ve always invested 100% of earnings into growing the Spotted by Locals network. In the last years, we have been able to sustain this project only by subsidizing our project from our own means, including renting out our Amsterdam apartment.

We prefer not to earn money with advertising, mostly because this means sharing data from our users with huge companies that know too much already… It’s been our goal to become 100% dependent on selling city guides from our apps since 2016. This is difficult. Companies with big money are shamelessly favored by Google & Apple’s app stores.

We don’t want to make any compromises and stay 100% independent. You’re already doing so much, but your extra help in the remainder of 2018 could make sure we can continue our joint mission! Check this document for things you can help with. We are 440 people strong, we can do this! We’re open to all your ideas.

Please write about Christmas markets

It’s that time of the year, almost. We’d love to write an article about “best Christmas markets in Europe & North America”. Please update and resubmit last year’s Christmas markets articles, or spot some new ones!

Our new app!

We just officially launched the totally rebuilt iPhone & Android apps we have been working on it for 9 months. Read more on

It’s a big step. We hope you like it and would love to hear your feedback.

There are 2 things you can do to help!

1) Download & review the app

Have the app on your phone?
Great! Please check out the new version. If you like your fellow locals’ tips & the new features, please review & rate the new version of the app. If you reviewed before, it helps if you update your review for the new version!

Don’t have the app on your phone?
Every download counts this week. You know you have free access to all city guides as a Spotter right? If you like your fellow locals’ tips & the app, please review & rate!

Direct links to download, review & rate:


Need inspiration to review & rate the app?
> Write about your experience with your fellow locals’ spots in a city you visited
> Write about our concept: experiencing a city like a local is cooler, more fun and more fulfilling
> Write about the new features you like!

2) Ask users to review

Have friends who use the app? Ask them to review & rate the app!

Many Spotters asked us how they can help with PR & Marketing. Here’s our marketing plan for 2018:

If you happen to have any ideas or contacts, we’d love to hear from you!