Compliment from a visitor

One of the compliments we received today, and receive regularly for the amazing work YOU are doing. Thank you!
I just wanted to add a gigant compliment and a huge thank you. This site is simply amazing and every time i travel it’s the first place i look for information. Now even some of my friends check it out as i found so many places that aren’t what tehnicaly a turist could find on his own. It’s easy to go over all the sites and get down all the ones that interest you. Right now i’ve used it for about 10 different citys i’ve traveled to in Europe and i just keep going back for information and new things. I find it a lot more educational then what i find in normal tourist guides. Please keep on the good work. 
Tanja Pečenko

Spotted by Locals inspires!

Funny anecdote from Warsaw Spotter Nitzan (quoted with her permission):

“I was in Las Rąk today and got to talking with the owner. Turns out they will be moving to a bigger location and rebranding a bit. So I am walking around the store and all of a sudden she yells: ‘Handmade Heaven! It’s you! It’s you isn’t it?!’. It turns out, that the title of my article on SbL inspired the new slogan in their new logo: ‘Las Rąk. Handmade Heaven.’ 🙂
We were both extremely excited.”

Visitors love you on Twitter!

Some very nice tweets last week! Great work Spotters!

Compliments for the Belgrade blog!

Big compliments to our Belgrade Spotters from a visitor!

I am new to Belgrade. In fact, my family and I are here by some may say accident, but the historical Irish in me says, Providence. I cam across your website while looking for things to do to keep my family occupied while here. This is the BEST travel site and guide to Belgrade! I absolutely love it! Whenever I go to a new place, I rarely look at what the foreigners say and try to find local suggestions. I feel like I hit a treasure chest of information and have a reason to return to Belgrade. Thanks for your work! Not sure how long I will be here, but if anyone wants to grab a drink or coffee sometime, I would love to hear more about the city.

Sincerely and completely thrilled American,


Compliments for the Geneva city guide

Received via e-mail


I’ve been using Spotted by Locals, Geneva since I moved here in December and I can every recommendation I have been to from here has been spot on! Thank you. I wanted to suggest a restaurant that I highly recommend someone from your team go to or check out. LIttle India, is probably the best Indian restaurant I’ve been to in Geneva and I’ve been to a bunch. I don’t think I ever saw a recommendation for Indian food so thought I would share!


Compliments about our Antwerp blog

Received via e-mail:

I have been using your website for about 3 years now and I have to say that I followed your spotters in Antwerp and they have given me the BEST day trip experience ever!!

TAS – shame they are closing, the shoes were lovely and the staff brilliant!
WTG – LOVE the clothes, very special
Gallo Nero – the restaurant is perfect, we had the most amazing meal, and you really do have to try the Limoncello that the gentleman makes – delicious!!!
Ouder Koorn #16 – not only is the little alley gorgeous but the restaurant down there looks lovely and we also discovered the Gallery that is there where right now there is a display of murals made by a Nigerian artist. The ceilings in the gallery date back to the 16th Century – incredible!!
The Zwarte Planter – such a hidden gem, loved the enviroment
Cafe Beveren – was a surprise and the regulars added to the fun!

THANK you all so very very much, we will be going back to finish off places we could not get to this time.

PS – not sure if you are hat people but there is a shop on Steenhouwersvest where a lady makes the most beautiful hats, she is so friendly and the floor of her shop is worth a visit alone.

Cheers and keep spotting!!!

Kriss Stallabrass



Received today. Big compliments to you!

“Looking for places beyond the usual attractions and wanting to explore every little aspect of the city I found out your website and what you stand for.

As a result, my journey turned into a truly unforgettable experience, coming upon hidden treasures that I didn’t even know they existed.

The (insider) tips of the locals, their writing, their detailed descriptions of so many places, brought me in contact with the locals and their unique culture and filled me with emotions, introducing me to new ideas and multi- coloured recipes from all over the world.”