Spotters Newsletter June / July / August 2019

Hoi Spotters!

Lots of Spotters meetings!

It’s so nice to see more and more Spotters meeting and hosting other SpottersLatest pics on Facebook. In July there’s a big meeting in Berlin you can join!
Our campaign to help combat overtourism
One of the ways we’re trying to help combat overtourism, is by motivating tourists to visit cities that can actually use more tourist. In the last months, we expanded to 5 of these: Beirut, Cairo, The Hague, Rijeka and Bern. Soon we will launch a Malmö city guide. Read more
Please review our app
Reviews & ratings are super important for a small publisher without an advertising budget. We have a great average (4.5 stars) but relatively few reviews. We have analyzed only a small part of the 450 Spotters reviewed the app. Huge opportunity! If you enjoyed using your fellow locals’ spots, please review via these direct review links: iPhone | Android

Your favorite summer cinema?

We plan to write an extensive article about outdoor cinemas on our blog soon. Have a favorite? Please write about it!

Spotters Newsletter April & May 2019

Grüessech Spotters!
Launch of Spotted by Locals Beirut
We launched a city guide to Beirut, as part of our campaign to do something about overtourism. You will want to visit this exciting city after reading…
Launch of Spotted by Locals Bern
We launched a city guide to the Swiss capital in cooperation with the Bern Tourist board last month. Our 3 Spotters there are amazing – check it out!
Videos of the Spotters weekend
On the Spotters Weekend last November, we video interviewed many Spotters. Editing is (finally) finished!
You are welcome in Athens…
Sanne & Bart are spending a lot of time in Athens and have a spare bedroom for Spotters. You’re very welcome to stay with us!
Need inspiration for a new article? 
Why not write about your favorite weird building with a story like Janiina  from Helsinki did

Spotters Newsletter November / December 2018


In this newsletter, we’re sharing some of the beautiful #spottersweekend2018 vibes. And we’re asking your help to make it possible to continue our mission to make the world a more tolerant and diverse place.

What a magical #weekendbylocals!

It’s difficult to put into words what we experienced on the 4th Spotters Weekend in The Netherlands last weekend. But we tried, with the help of some of the attending Spotters! Read more

Here’s a short video with highlights:

We need your help to continue this project!

We’re getting so much love for your amazing work helping local entrepreneurs, fighting #starbucksification and making the world a more tolerant place. Spotted by Locals is the city guide network with the most authentic and highest quality always up to date content. We have many really dedicated fans.

Just like you all, we’re in this for the love and not the money. However we do need money to continue our mission. We’ve always invested 100% of earnings into growing the Spotted by Locals network. In the last years, we have been able to sustain this project only by subsidizing our project from our own means, including renting out our Amsterdam apartment.

We prefer not to earn money with advertising, mostly because this means sharing data from our users with huge companies that know too much already… It’s been our goal to become 100% dependent on selling city guides from our apps since 2016. This is difficult. Companies with big money are shamelessly favored by Google & Apple’s app stores.

We don’t want to make any compromises and stay 100% independent. You’re already doing so much, but your extra help in the remainder of 2018 could make sure we can continue our joint mission! Check this document for things you can help with. We are 440 people strong, we can do this! We’re open to all your ideas.

Please write about Christmas markets

It’s that time of the year, almost. We’d love to write an article about “best Christmas markets in Europe & North America”. Please update and resubmit last year’s Christmas markets articles, or spot some new ones!

Spotters Newsletter September / October 2018

Բարեւ Spotters!

Here’s a little update recorded today in Yerevan:

Our trip to Yerevan & Tbilisi
The last few days we walked around crazy in Yerevan with our app to see as many spots as possible and meet the wonderful team of Spotters. We just arrived in Tbilisi, where we’ll be doing the same! It’s a bit joy to be on the road again and see our awesome concept in practice again. You’re amazing!

Less than 2 months until #spottersweekend2018!


This #spottersweekend2018 expect nature, Dutch culture & time to get to know your fellow Spotters in different ways 🙂 You can join the Facebook group, also if you’re not joining!
We’ll send a big newsletter with lots of info to all participants before the end of September!
SEO tip: mention spot name & city name
There are 2 very easy things you can do to make your article much more popular on Google. Crucial stuff!
1) Always mention spot name & city name in the FIRST paragraph of your article
2) Mention spot name & city name repeatedly (instead of “here” or “this place”)
But always keep it human – readability comes first 🙂
Share a pic using the app!
If you have a chance to send us or share a picture of yourself (or a friend) using the app (free access for Spotters!). It would be the best marketing we can get!
And if you had a great experience using the app and your fellow locals’ tips – please review!
Need inspiration for a new autumn article?
How about writing about sustainable development initiatives in your city, like Ljubljana Spotter Jost did?
All the best and keep up the great work!
Sanne & Bart

Spotters newsletter June / July 2018

Tšau Spotters!

Here’s a short video with some summer news from Athens.

​Spotters Weekend 2018

91 people from 49 (!) cities signed up for #spottersweekend2018 where we’ll be staying in this awesome Dutch country house. Feel free to join the Facebook group – also if you’re not coming…

Join us on Linkedin

On Linkedin? Please connect to Sanne & Bart, follow the company page & add “Spotter” to your experience as 174 Spotters already did!

Thanks for your help on Product Hunt!

Thanks for all your great help! We didn’t make the Top 5, but we have established a very good basis on Product Hunt. You can still join the conversation if you want!

Some nice new partnerships

We’ve started cooperating with our old friends from The Guardian & Sueddeutsche Zeitung (soon online) again and some other blogs like Departful, Eurocheapo, Roam Magazine. Know editors at a nice magazine / blogs / websites we can write for? Please contact Bart!

Lastly, an important request: can you please make sure (new!) is in your email contact list, to make sure you get all messages from us & the editing system?

All the very best and have a great summer!

Sanne & Bart

Spotters newsletter April – May – June 2018

Dearest Spotter heroes!

Here’s the link to the video!

Thank you for your donations!

83% of Spotters donated their 2017 earnings. Wow. With your support, in 2018 we will improve the apps, spread the word about Spotted by Locals to more people and make our community connect more & better. Stay tuned for more news about all of these projects soon!

What happened to that App Store Feature?!

We told you in the last newsletter that Apple was preparing to feature our new app in the App Store. Apple being secretive as always, we have no news about when this will happen, but we have good hope it will happen soon!

What kind of spots do our users love?

Your readers love us for the tips they won’t find in travel guides. Here’s a few spots that might inspire you to spot some more non-typical spots!

Spotters newsletter February – March 2018

გამარჯობა Spotters!

Our app featured on App Store?! Help!

Yesterday, we received great news. Apple will feature our new app in the App Store – probably next week. This is huge…

The first thing users who get tipped by Apple will see is reviews. It really helps if recent reviews are very relevant and explain our concept well!

Please review & rate our app, or update your rating (to latest version of app). You know apps are free for Spotters right?

Click here to review the Android app in 20 seconds
Click here to review the iPhone app in 20 seconds

Also, if you want to ask friends who have used our app to review it, that would be awesome!

Every review really helps a lot. Thank you for your help!

4 new cities!

Our Spotters community now has members from 4 more countries! We launched blogs for Yerevan, Tbilisi and Podgorica. Coming up very soon: Prishtina.

Our Balkans train trip

In January we traveled to Thessaloniki, Skopje, Prishtina, Podgorica & Belgrade by train. It was an amazing trip!

Need inspiration for a new article?

How about writing about a comedy club, like Warsaw Spotter Nitzan did?