Spotters weekend 2020?

We promised to let you know before April if Spotters Weekend 2020 is on for early November. We were looking forward to sharing some really exciting news about something we’ve been working on since early 2020…

But due to the current circumstances,  we hope you understand we cannot make a final decision. We hope to get back to you as soon as possible, as we really understand you all need plenty of notice to schedule a weekend away.

Spotters Weekend 2020?

First Spotters Weekend in 2012!

In 2012, 2014, 2016 and 2018 we organized for all Spotters. Naturally, lots of people are asking us…. Are we having a 2020 Spotters Weekend? And when?

Right now we can’t answer the question. It depends on quite a few factors. We certainly hope so!

Before April 2020 we will let you know if and (if yes) where Spotters Weekend 2020 will take place, it’s likely that it will be organized in the first weekend of November, as we have always done so far.

In the meantime, read about the previous Spotters Weekends!

Spotters Summer Party Weekend in Berlin!

Copenhagen Spotter Cindy & Berlin Spotter Robin organized a weekend for Spotters in Berlin in the first weekend of July and it was a huge success!

On the pictures we got sent we saw Spotters from Krakow, Tel Aviv, Zurich, Lisbon, Rotterdam, Bucharest, Glasgow, Copenhagen, Vilnius,  Brussels, Edinburgh, Hamburg, Florence, Sofia and Vienna. And many of the attendees aren’t even on the picture!

See more pics on our blog, and in this album

Latest info about the weekend!

We sent this via email to all people who signed up. Didn’t get it? Please email Sanne!

Dear Spotters weekend 2018 participants,

6 more weeks! As always we have lots of fun activities planned (many organized by fellow Spotters) and of course: only lovely participants. The programme is almost final. Check it out! It will be sooooo much fun.

For those of you who have been at a Spotters weekend before: you can probably expect a bit more “retreat from city life for a weekend” rather than “party hardy”… Here’s some drone footage of the house & surrounding flat as a pancake Dutch countryside!

Here’s a few important announcements & “to-do’s”. It would save us a lot of time if we don’t have to remind you.

1. Please answer the following question before 14 October.

2. We need some people to help clean & organize a few things. Please “apply” here!
3. We have a guitar that can be used and a ukelele. Please send Sanne an email if you want to play some music for everybody!

4. We will go out and explore Dutch nature. Even if it rains! Take warm & waterproof clothing.
5. Please take a typical snack from your country for dinner Friday night. Take something ready to eat please.
A few weeks before the weekend we will send you one more email with all important information. But you should always be able to find all info on the Spotters Network!

We can’t wait to see you soon!

Sanne & Bart

Spotters weekend 2018!

For this special “10 years of Spotted by Locals”  edition, we’ll hit a beautiful part of the countryside in the birth country of Spotted by Locals: De Veluwe in The Netherlands.

We have an option on a huge farmhouse, where we have room to accommodate all Spotters who are interested in joining (we now have 30% more Spotters than in 2016!) .

The plan is to explore the beautiful area but also to have plenty of time to hang out, cook, eat & drink. We’ll offer a variety of activities you can sign up for.

We need to know before 1 June if you’re in or not, as that’s when our option for the reservation expires… Read more here and sign up!

Spotters Weekend: 68 days to go!


1) Introducing the man who’s going to help us prepare and run everything smoothly: Athens Spotter Dimitris!

2) Today: one of the key moments in preparing the Spotters weekend: Souvlaki tasting!

Haven’t signed up for the weekend yet? We have a few more spots! Please contact Sanne.

The Spotters weekend 2012 pics – uncensored!

In the post published on our main blog yesterday, we made a selection of the 1000s of pics we gathered. Of course we didn’t post potentially embarrassing pictures!

In this Flickr gallery, we posted all pictures. The gallery and all pics are totally hidden, and cannot be accessed by anyone without the following Flickr link: Don’t share the link please.

Thank you so much Julia, Kathrin, Magda, Marina, Renata, Rita, Stefan, Stu, Sylvie, Terhi, Tjasa, Ute and one unknown photographer (we couldn’t find the name in the submission!) for sharing your pics.

Tristar – Sponsor of the prizes of Spotters weekend 2012!

As promised: some background information about Tristar – sponsor of the bluetooth speakers won by the winning team last week!

Tristar was founded in 1977 and has been a typical trade organization with an international focus from the start. We offer the essentials in home appliances, consumer electronics, communication, baby care and outdoor living products. Tristar can be best described as accessible, reliable and entrepreneurial. These values are reflected in everything we do.

At the moment you can find our items mainly in the European market, where we experience a steady growth. We are a well known supplier to both small and large retailers in and around Europe. Tristar products are designed to make life better, easier and more fun in little, everyday ways that matter. Our portfolio consists of six brands: Tristar (subbrand), AudioSonic, Topcom, Brixton, Firefriend and Campart. These six brands are tailored to fit the Tristar philosophy; they are appealing, affordable and interesting for everyone.

Since we continiously travel the world looking for new trends and products, our range remains innovative and competitive. We constantly try to translate the latest trends and demands from today’s consumer into attractive and accessible products for everyone. Naturally we strive to make these products available at the most competitive prices in the market and with a professional quality. Because at Tristar we are guided by the believe that ‘Quality shouldn’t be a luxury’. Quality should be accessible for everyone, everywhere and at any time. That is what we stand for!