Facebook user? Make a small tweak to help us!

Facebook is a very important channel for us to share what we’re doing with more people. Unfortunately our updates are seen by less and less of our followers. The reason is not that the quality of our posts went down (actually,  like / view ratio has kept going up in the last 5 years!).

The reason is greedy Facebook! If we want our updates to be seen by our followers we have to pay Facebook money. Money that we don’t have 🙂 It’s getting worse every year.

Chances are you’re not seeing most of our updates (1 a day) either, so you can’t like or share!

It would be awesome if you can select “See First” when hovering over “Following” on our Facebook page. And of course please like, share or comment if you see something that’s relevant for your friends 🙂

Thanks a million!

New field – Postal code!

To make Google rank us higher, we need to tell them the postal code of spots. You can no longer submit an article without adding a (correct) postal code. We’re sorry for this, but it will help us a lot in making Google fall more in love with us 🙂 Our aim is to have Google add all your spots to their “expert reviews” section.

it’s very easy to find the postal code of a spot. Just click on the spot on the map of the article in the editing system to find it (you may have to zoom in to see the spot).

Send us your Spotter meeting pics!

We love pictures of Spotters meetings! We occasionally publish articles about the Spotters community.

If you meet another Spotter in your city or another city, please take a pic and send it! If you have old pics, send them too 🙂

Nick (NYC) meeting Matt (London)

New forums – more reliable messaging!

The last few weeks, some messages created on the Spotters network did not trigger a notification email. We are sorry for the Spotters who left a message and did not get a reply!

We have upgraded the Spotters Network with a more reliable forum in each group with much more functionality. We tested it well, but if you’re experiencing issues or have ideas for improvement please let Bart (bart@spottedbylocals.com) know.

There’s also of course still the possibility to send direct messages to Spotters. Find their user name by clicking on a Spotter in the list of all Spotters (URL shows username, e.g. “bartvanpoll”) and go to “compose message” (top right)


Social media tip of the week!


Check our social media tip and help us to inspire more people to follow our posts or join our team of spotters.

The tip for this week is: ask the spot you wrote about to share your article on their Facebook page. You can send them an email or a Facebook message, or perhaps pass by!

Check out this example of a shop who shared our Spotter’s article on their Facebook page. Lots of likes!


More tips of course in the social media handbook!

Tip: ask spot owner to post a link on social media!

TIP: Spot owners love it if if you write about their spot, and would be happy to post a link if you ask them. This can have a very big impact.

For example: Skopje Spotter Vladimir gathered 1.500 likes already on his article with one email!

Screenshot 2014-12-15 00.44.50

Example email (of course best in your own language):

Dear [spot name] owner,

I wanted to let you know I wrote about your spot on Spotted by Locals [city name], as it’s one of my favorite spots!

It would be great if you can post this link on your social media channels, and let me know when you have:

Thank you very much,

[your name]

Just to remind you:  it is not allowed to accept favors (including free drinks & food) in return for writing about a spot.

100% of all Spotters on Google+

This month, our social media intern Thomas has sent most of you an e-mail to ask you to hook up their Google+ profile to Spotted by Locals.

This project has been very successful! So far, 75% of all Spotters are on Google Plus and have made the requested changes. This will have a huge impact on how visitors will find us on Google. We think it is so important, that we’ve made 2 decisions:
1. We won’t stop until 100% of all Spotters have connected their profiles
2. All new Spotters have to be on Google+ before they can start.

If you have not set up your Google+ profile and linked Spotted by Locals to it, please do so (instructions here). If you have any questions, please contact Bart!

Thanks so much!

Tip! – Follow Spots’ Facebook page


If you are on Facebook and one of your Spotted places has a Facebook page, we recommend you to follow it!  Most owners are quite active on their Facebook page and  let their followers know about changes in opening times, exhibitions, nice events, etc.