Tip: ask spot owner to post a link on social media!

TIP: Spot owners love it if if you write about their spot, and would be happy to post a link if you ask them. This can have a very big impact.

For example: Skopje Spotter Vladimir gathered 1.500 likes already on his article with one email!

Screenshot 2014-12-15 00.44.50

Example email (of course best in your own language):

Dear [spot name] owner,

I wanted to let you know I wrote about your spot on Spotted by Locals [city name], as it’s one of my favorite spots!

It would be great if you can post this link on your social media channels, and let me know when you have:

Thank you very much,

[your name]

Just to remind you: it is not allowed to accept favors (including free drinks & food) in return for writing about a spot.