Link (internal & external)

The more you add relevant links, the more user friendly your article will be and the more Google will “like you”!

How to link to external websites?

  • Select the text you want to link
  • Click the “Insert/edit link” button (see image below)
  • Fill out URL field:
    Use full domain URL, and not a page. E.g. or instead of
  • Fill out “Title” field: title and city name, if relevant (see image below). Choose target: New window. Text to display will be the text that’s going to be the hyperlink.

How to link to other spots on your cityblog?

  • Always use the text “check the [article name] article” or something similar
  • Select the [article name] text you want to link (see image below)
  • Click the “Insert/edit link button (see image below)
  • Fill out  the URL of article you want to link to

If you’re having trouble getting the article URL and instead only see the main URL of the city blog (e.g.

  • Navigate to the article you want to link to.
  • Right-click on the title of the article (see image below).
  • Select “copy link address”, “copy link location” or equivalent (see image below).
  • Paste the URL to the Url field (see image above)

Why do I need to include “check the…” part when I link to another Spotted by Locals article?

  • It’s nice for visitors to know it’s a link to a Spotted by Locals article
  • Search Engine optimization