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Guidelines for a profile picture:

  • Taken from the front
  • Not only your face – taken from a bit of distance
  • The larger the better, but at least 250 Kb & 1200px wide – landscape format
  • Very sharp, un-edited – daylight and a good camera usually helps!
  • In color
  • No sunglasses
  • No people next to you
  • Preferably taken in your city (but not clearly in another city or continent)

A few examples of “good” profile pictures

Guidelines for a profile text

Every profile text includes 2 paragraphs:

  • “About me”: what do you do, and what are you passionate about?
  • “Why [City]?”: why do you love your city?
  • (Optional) “Where else can you find me online?”: Links to pages / websites about you or created by you

A good profile text:

  • Is enthusiastic, especially about your city!
  • Is long enough to be personal, short enough to take the time to read (guideline: 250 words)
  • Does not contain references that get outdated quickly (“I’m now 23 years old”, “I have been living here for 6 years”). Instead use wording like “I lived here since 2006”.

Every profile page includes your full name, and year of birth.