Irina is our new Rotterdam Spotter!

Why Rotterdam? It’s spacious, there’s always a wide selection of events to choose from, there’s no center, so you can name any area of the city your center. It’s great for meeting people from everywhere. You can try any cuisine from the world you’re curious about. My friends live here.

We’re excited to welcome our newest Rotterdam Spotter, Irina! “I know all the nice events that someone coming to Rotterdam should not miss”, she claims — check out her recommendations above!

Welcoming our new Rotterdam Spotter and our first one for 2020, Isabel!

Hey! I’m Isabel, I was born in 2003 and consider myself a ‘Rotterdammer’ in heart and kidneys, as we like to say over here. I’m currently in my penultimate year of theatre school… Rotterdam to me feels like a city with a story. The way people that are rooted here speak about their city always gives me goosebumps…

We are excited to welcome Isabel as a new Rotterdam Spotter — our first arrival for 2020! Check out her first articles!

Our new Rotterdam Spotter, Maria!

I have never seen a city grow and change that much in such a short amount of time. The spirit of change and the positive vibes are for me the main reasons why I feel at home here…

We are excited to welcome Maria as our new Rotterdam Spotter! Check out her first spots, including her favorite street art, architecture, classy cafés, breakfast diners and more!

Welcoming back Cinthya, this time for Rotterdam

After years of looking each other in the eyes, now I can say that Rotterdam is one of the places that I see as the best in the world to live… I enjoy knowing that I live in a city that is open to the best the world has to offer, and in turn makes a big effort to give a great impression.

We are pleased to welcome ex-Barcelona Spotter Cinthya as our new Rotterdam Spotter. Into exquisite foodie tips, such as oysters or Belgian beer snacks? Searching for local tips for relaxing while discovering the city? She’s your woman!

More new arrivals and new beginnings – Lissa and Gisela

We just love it when we get to publish new articles from a new Spotter and a returning Spotter at the same time. In this case, it’s Lissa for Chicago and Gisela for Rotterdam – the difference is that Gisela used to be an Amsterdam Spotter, so it’s more like one of those rare Spotted by Locals team transfers! A new arrival and a new beginning indeed… Check out the girls and their exciting and varied new articles right here – Lissa: – Gisela:


Another boost for Rotterdam!


The Rotterdam blog has been seeing a lot of new tips from fresh new faces lately, the third reinforcer is Fedde van der Spoel. Check out his tips at: