Update existing articles

We ask you to check all your articles regularly, preferably every month.


  • Resubmit articles about spots you still visit this season. Make article / picture “ready for the current season” and change some details if possible.
  • Take  articles about finished events and spots that are closed / you don’t visit anymore offline. There’s a function to take offline articles automatically (handy for events!).

Why up-to-date content?
Why is being up-to-date part of our core concept, and so important we added it in our contract with you?

  • It makes us the best city guide. Our “competitors” (guidebooks, Tripadvisor etc.) can’t offer up-to-date tips!
  • Google loves up-to-date, regularly updated content, and will rank us higher
  • More people will read your articles.

How to update a published article:

  • Open your article and make the necessary edits
  • Check if links to other articles are still correct (they may have been taken offline)
  • When ready, choose “To HQ”
  • Our editor Dimitris will check your article and schedule it for publication.

When an article is submitted to HQ you cannot update / edit it until it has been published again.

How does “automatically republishing” work?
53 days after your articles have last been published you will receive an email to remind you that in 7 days they will be automatically re-published if you do nothing.

If there’s nothing to change, please let the system automatically re-publish after 60 days. Do not re-submit the article please.

Is a new article an “update”?
Yes, certainly! Writing new articles regularly is important. (Here’s why)!

How to take an article offline (temporarily):

  • Find the article you want to take offline and choose “take offline”
  • The article will immediately be taken offline

There’s also a function “Take offline automatically” to schedule taking an article offline. Handy for events, or if you know when a spot closes down in advance.

How to re-publish an article that’s offline:

  • Open your offline article and make the necessary edit
  • When ready, choose “To HQ”
  • Our editor Dimitris will check your article and schedule it for publication.

Link to editing system: http://form.spottedbylocals.com