Virtual Spotters Chat 2 April 19:00 GMT

On 19 March we organized a group chat with the aim of just getting together in this time of COVID-19 crisis and exchanging thoughts. Even though we quite hastily arranged it last minute, more than 80 Spotters were there, from North America, the Middle East and Europe!

It was heartwarming to see how Spotters – who often haven’t even met in person but are connected through the Spotters community – comforted each other. And of course we made a lot of fun of each other and ourselves. It gave us strength to carry on, and a great new initiative was born right after the meeting (more news soon)…

Thursday 2 April 19:00 GMT we’re on again!

If you want to join, please do the following about an 1 hour before we start:
1) Join the chat via this link:
2) Post a photo/video and a short text to introduce yourself. Also do this if you have already done so in the previous chat. If you don’t new participants can’t see your name.
3) Change your name & add your city. E.g. Mike (NYC)

Some tips:
> Use “WhatsApp web” – faster!
> Tag participants with the “@”

Please only post during the chat (apart from your intro post)